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About Hocking College eSports Team

Hocking College eSports athletes are passionate gamers who strive for continuous self-improvement and building relationships with communities both locally and online. Hocking College eSports athletes embody the spirit of Hocking College, and thus are held to the highest standards of player conduct and academic performance.

General Information

Hocking College eSports currently has an Overwatch team and a Rocket League team and is open to both men and women. Games occur year-round and are played in the Hocking College eSports lab, on PC’s supplied by the college. Membership is contingent on the coaches’ assessment of player’s gameplay based on spectated games and/or replace or VOD reviews and the player’s ability to coordinate with a team.

In order to respond to the rapidly changing game meta, the students are selected from the team for the competitive roster on a per game basis by the coach. For Overwatch this is a team of six players, and for Rocket League this is a team of three players.

Each eSports athlete is required to maintain full-time academic status in order to be eligible to be a member of the team. Hocking College eSports athletes are expected to be successful academically and must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

eSports athletes must have their own player account for the respective game they are playing, which will be their primary account used for practices. The college will provide accounts that are intended to be used for competitive matches only.

Virtual Try-Outs for 2021-2022 Season

Students interested in joining the Hocking College eSports team will be assessed on an individual basis by the coaches. The process is outlined below:

  1. Prospective players should contact the coaches indicating what game they wish to try out for and provide a brief background of their abilities as a player.
  2. Prospective players will have an online meeting with the coach (typically via Discord).
  3. The coach will spectate a few of the player’s games or will do replay or VOD reviews.
  4. Prospective members will then be invited to do an in-person interview and to play a competitive game in the Gaming lab

Those interested in joining the Hocking College eSports team should contact the coaches via email at eSports@hocking.edu

Mark Riley
eSports Head Coach