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Request for Proposal - Energy Services

1.1 Purpose

1.1.1 This is a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for Energy Services for the Project. The Contracting Authority is requesting prospective Proposers to submit a Proposal to provide those Services.

1.1.2 This is a RFP under Ohio Revised Code (“ORC”) Chapter 156. The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (the “Contracting Authority”) is issuing this RFP to solicit Proposals on behalf of Hocking Technical College (the “Owner”) for its Energy Conservation Project (the “Project”). If a suitable Proposal is made in response to this RFP, the Contracting Authority may enter into a contract (the "Contract") to have the selected Proposer (the "ESCO") perform the Project. This RFP provides details on what is required to submit a Proposal for the Project, how the State will evaluate the Proposals, and what will be required of the ESCO in performing the Project.

1.1.3 This RFP provides estimated dates for various events in the submission process, selection process, and Project performance. While these dates are subject to change, prospective Proposers must be prepared to meet them as they currently stand. Any failure to meet a deadline in the submission or evaluation phases and any objection to the dates for performance in the Project performance phase may result in the State, in its sole discretion, refusing to consider the Proposal of the Proposer.

1.1.4 Pursuant to ORC Chapter 156, the Executive Director of the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission may implement energy and water conservation measures to significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs of state-owned buildings. In compliance with ORC Chapter 156, the Executive Director may enter into contracts for the implementation of energy and water conservation measures in these facilities.

1.1.5 “Performance contracting” is a method of obtaining energy and water conservation measures, including design, installation, financing, and maintenance services, without initial capital expense. These contracts fund building improvements out of existing utility operating dollars. Such funding allows the Owner to take advantage of cost saving projects that might otherwise be foregone. This RFP begins the process by which such contracts will be executed. The goal is to maximize financial benefit to the Owner through implementation of these measures.


Download the RFP Packet


1.2 RFP Materials

1.1.1 This RFP is organized into the following documents, which have either been distributed with this RFP or may be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

1.     This Request for Proposal

2.     Instructions to Proposers - 2017-MAY

3.     Supplementary Instructions (if applicable)

4.     Proposal Form (Excel) and Best Value Rating Form (including selection criteria)

5.     Proposal Form Supplements (Exhibits A-G) - 2017-MAY

6.     EDGE Affidavit - 2017-MAY

7.     Agreement Form - 2017-MAY

8.     Performance Bond Form - 2017-MAY

9.     Payment Bond Form - 2017-MAY

10.   Service Agreement Form - 2017-MAY

11.   Guarantee Bond Form - 2017-MAY

12.   Contracting Definitions - 2017-MAY

13.   General Conditions - 2017-MAY

14.   Supplementary Scope Statement (EOR) - 2017-MAY

15.   Wage Rate Requirements - 2017-MAY

16.  Wage Determination Letter and Wage Rates


Download the RFP Packet